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San Gimignano & Volterra (Demo)

San Gimignano & Volterra

The sight of the towers of San Gimignano and the charm of Volterra

San Gimignano is famous for the “hundred towers” built in the middle ages by the most influential families to show-off their own power, today only 14 of the 70 built are still kept.

The town was built along the Via Francigena, on an important cross road between Siena, Florence and Pisa and for centuries has been rich and powerful. The traditional products, since ancient times, are ceramics, the Vernaccia wine (the only top quality white wine produced in Tuscany) and saffron.

After visiting the town, it is possible to enjoy a wine tasting or to visit a farm where the saffron is grown. Volterra is one of the lesser known Tuscan towns but very rich in history as it was founded by the Etruscans more than 3 thousand years ago.

The beauty of the countryside with the unusual clay cliffs and the mix of different ages (the Etruscans museum, the Roman amphitheatre, the medieval fortress), make Volterra a unique town. The alabaster (a soft and translucent stone mined near Volterra) is a traditional feature of Volterra and we will find lots of lovely things to buy from this tactile stone and we can also visit a workshop to see how they are made.

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