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Free spas in Tuscany, a holiday between comfort and relaxation

During the cold winter months there are many destinations in Tuscany suitable for those who want to escape for a while from everyday stress, such as the countless spas scattered throughout the territory. In fact, Tuscany is the region with the highest number of spas Italy. The richest area of ​​spas is the around Siena, between Val d’Orcia, Crete Senesi and Mount Amiata.

Hotel Palazzo di Valli is located a few steps from the historic center of Siena. The spa towns can be reached by car or public transport. Travel times range from 40 minutes to 2 hours.

The free thermal baths of Petriolo are the most famous free baths in Tuscany and are located along the river Farma. As can still be seen from the ruins located near the thermal spring, Petriolo represents in history a rare case of “fortified baths”. In fact, the remains of the residual walls belong to the ancient “Castello di Petriolo” erected structure to defend the source.

In Val d’Orcia you can visit the magnificent village of Bagno Vignoni, famous for its characteristic Romanesque thermal bath at the center of the town square. Bathing in this pool is forbidden for reasons of decorum: to find an area where it is possible to dive into the water it is necessary to move under the mills’ park, where the cliff on which the village rises slopes towards the bed of the river Orcia. In a small area, among shrubs of Mediterranean scrub, there is a tank dug at the foot of the limestone wall. Here is collected the thermal water that flows from the town square.

A few steps from Bagno Vignoni and Monte Amiata there is also Bagni San Filippo, another small spa town that offers two types of therapeutic waters: the sulphurous ones that flow from the rocks of the Acqua Bianca ditch and those of the muddy pools of the so-called White Whale . The baths are free and can be reached by following a path in a wood. The Monte Amiata is an old volcano, it is the motor that still realizes its entire area of ​​hot springs (Saturnia, Bagno Vignoni, Bagni San Filippo) and in winter it offers the possibility to ski.

A legend tells that Jupiter, during a quarrel with Saturn, threw a lightning strike from the sky, striking the earth and thus giving rise to the baths of Saturnia (Grosseto), already known by the Romans and the Etruscans. The sulphurous waters that flow from the ground at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius form waterfalls and are collected in natural pools dug into the rock and arranged in steps in which to immerse oneself in total relaxation.

The beautiful spas of Tuscany therefore offer those who want a little quiet the right solutions, a holiday in the heart of Italy. Book your holiday at Hotel Palazzo di Valli and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience. Booking directly from our website you will get an immediate 15% discount on your stay.